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In 2009, Thomas Fallarino officially launched Empire Legal Reporting in the Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale markets. After working for a national court reporting firm for several years, Thomas identified numerous inadequacies that prompted him to establish his own firm. With the support and trust from many local law firms seeking a change as well, Thomas had the vision and seized the opportunity to service these law firms with a main focus on their needs, rather than company profit margins.  Since inception in 2009, Empire has proven to be ‘best in breed’ among all court reporting agencies. Under his leadership, Empire’s directive included acquiring the best locations to service the top law firms. With this objective in mind, Thomas set his intentions on including premium luxury office space to his client’s value proposition. He successfully achieved this lofty goal by taking the unprecedented action of adjoining an “A” rated executive office enterprise under the Empire brand, thereby allowing his Empire Legal clientele to enjoy unrivaled office accommodations with no additional costs to bare.  Today, Empire is considered to be one of the top-of-the-line and most respected court reporting agencies in the country. This is apparent from the moment professionals walk through the front door at any Empire location.  Clients and colleagues alike are routinely delighted to see how Thomas’ vision has come to life with first class accommodations unlike any other executive office space. Our main office is the entire 17th floor of the 110 Tower in Fort Lauderdale, directly across the street from the Broward County Courthouse. We currently have three owned offices and utilize many satellite offices throughout Florida and the country.

Empire Legal Reporting works around the clock, in all time zones, so our clients don’t have to. We are available, and answer phones and emails 24 hours a day; 7 days a week. We offer a 60 minute cancellation policy and no additional fees.

Thomas Fallarino

Thomas Fallarino, founder and president of Empire Legal Reporting and Thomas BioEmpire Executive Offices, grew up in Smithtown, New York.  At age 13, Thomas began testing his work ethic and entrepreneurial skills by venturing out into the Long Island Sound, digging and then selling fresh clams to local restaurants.  Mr. Fallarino began his legal career working several years for a large national court reporting firm.  With the encouragement, support and trust from several prestigious Florida law firms seeking a better alternative for their court reporting needs, Mr. Fallarino had the vision to set out on his own.  The only issue was a twelve month non-compete he had to abide by, and in 2008 banks were not lending money to new companies.  With a pregnant wife and their first child on the way, Thomas had the courage to leave a stable job in a terrible economy and job market, sold his home, and set out to build his Empire.  In 2009, he officially launched Empire Legal Reporting in their first office in Boca Raton.

From the beginning, the company’s mission is to focus on client needs rather than company profits.  We will always continue to strive to provide the highest quality of service in everything we do.  Our clients often view us as part of their team.  This is the reason why they refer us so much business, which we believe is the highest compliment of all.  In this business reputation is everything, and our reputation is impeccable.

Thomas’ vision continued as Empire expanded their legal services by including premium luxury executive office space under Empire Executive Offices.  Their first location was acquired in 2014 at the 110 Tower, directly across from the Broward County Courthouse.  From the moment you walk through the front door, you will be delighted to see the first class accommodations that are unlike any other court reporting agency.  The office locations are an add-on value for clients, helping to set Empire apart from the competition.  The brand name Empire stemmed from Thomas’ New York roots growing up in the Empire State.

Expanding outside of Fort Lauderdale, a new executive office location recently opened in North Miami, with Boca Raton and West Palm Beach locations soon to launch in 2017.  Empire Legal Reporting covers all time zones and recently opened operation in the New York market.  We pledge to stay ahead of the curve, all while never forgetting that this Empire was built on understanding our clients’ needs and goals.

Thomas was awarded a full baseball scholarship and received his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Dowling College. He and his wife reside in Boca Raton, Florida with their two children.